Nora Molinaro

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is a multidisciplinary
visual designer who
is most excited
about animation
and her drum kit

4th of July Visualizer

Client: Audley
Creative Director: Nora Molinaro
DP: Nora Molinaro
Editor: Nora Molinaro
Effects, Compositing, 3D Design, Animation: Nora Molinaro
Software: Premiere Pro, AferEffects, Cinema 4D, Arnold
Year: 2020

Johnny Glover (Audley) hired me to build a music video for his single “4th of July”. The music video is rooted in various gem communication, fluidness and connectivity to eachother. I creative directed, shot, edited and animated the entire project along with building the 3D renders we used for album cover. I used Cinema 4D to rig a gem shape that we used for animation and all renders were doing in Arnold.

Music by Audley (prod. Smokeface)